Ceramic Magnetics, Inc.
Division of National Magnetics Group, Inc.
1210 Win Dr. Bethlehem, PA 18017-7061
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Pressed and Fired (includes Standard shapes)



Gapped Toroids


Ceramic Magnetics is a fully integrated manufacturer of both NiZn and MnZn ferrite cores. We process powder and fabricate finished ferrite shapes. This gives Ceramic Magnetics the ability to control magnetic core properties to our customer's requirements.

Ferrite cores are manufactured using high volume presses for smaller shapes and 100 ton presses or isostatic pressing for larger shapes. We offer a complete line of standard pressed parts such as toroids, baluns, and squaroids for telecom applications and a complete line of shapes for power conversion transformer and filter designs.

CMI is probably best known for the abilty to machine ferrites to almost any size and shape. We are committed to supporting your requirements for exact tolerances or unique shapes. Our ferrite machining capabilties will enable you to realize new product development and speed to market at a reasonable cost. As the volume grows, we will assist you in determining and realizing the best processes to scale up production.








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