Ceramic Magnetics, Inc.
Division of National Magnetics Group, Inc.
1210 Win Dr. Bethlehem, PA 18017-7061
Phone: (610) 867-7600

Fax: (610) 867-0200

Ceramic Magnetics' History


Ceramic Magnetics (CMI) became an independent company in 1965 when several employees of the Kearfott Corporation purchased its Materials Development facility. This operation traced its roots to the early 1940s. Its mission was to develop magnetic materials for use in electromagnetic devices. When CMI opened its doors for business, there were several "State of the Art" materials already for sale.


The founders of CMI had the early philosophy to retain the company's strength as a material development facility, and offer materials formed into cores or shapes customized for the application. This philosophy has served our customers well and has allowed CMI to continue to develop new materials, devices, techniques, and cores that assist customers in solving technical problems.


In January 2015, CMI was acquired from Thomas & Skinner (owners since May 1985) by National Magnetics Group, Inc. of Bethlehem, PA.







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