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MnZn Materials


* = Available in Pressed & Fired form only, up to 0.5" outside diameter
** = Available in Machined form only
Testing at specific conditions available upon request

Material Permeability
@ 10 kHz, 22 °C
MN95 1000 Suitable for high DC Bias, filter chokes, operates at up to 500 kHz, power loss optimized for higher temperature use
MN98 1100 Operates at up to 500 kHz and 230 °C, specialized for down-the-hole oil well applications
MN67 ** 1100 High flux density and high curie temperature allow use in extreme ambient conditions such as down-hole oil drilling and military power systems
MN92 1200 Optimized for 100 kHz, 125 °C; High saturation flux designed for electric car applications
MN8TC 1900 Relatively linear change in permeability at low temperatures.
MN80C 2050 Can be used from 100 kHz to 1 MHz, power loss optimized for higher temperature use
MN90 2500 Medium frequency power ferrite, optimized for 100 kHz and 80 °C
MN8CX 3100 Power ferrite for the 1 MHz range
MN30 4300 Reasonable permeability, high Q and resistivity allow wide uses from antenna elements to transformers
BT100 * 4700 10/100 Base T, Gigabit Ethernet
XTC5 * 5700 Tc = 130 °C min, Perm > 2500 min @ -55 °C; Contact us for more info
TC6000 * 6000 Designed for telecom applications, min perm of 6000 from -40 °C to 85 °C
MN60 6500 High permeability and generally stable allowing use in many applications such as pulse transformers, power inverters, and display yokes
MN100 ** 9000 Higher perm version of MN60 with a narrow BH loop is designed for high voltage devices, pulse transformers and shielding. Available in small to medium sized parts only
MC25 * 9500 Rather stable permeability over temperature makes this a good match for filter inductors and transformers
MC15K * 15000 Datacom/Telecom


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